27-29 octobre 2011 à Harvard University

Vasari / 500, Envisioning New Directions in Vasari Studies

On the quincentennial anniversary of his birth, Vasari/500 will unite doctoral students, recent graduates, and an international group of scholars with the aim of reassessing the Tuscan-born artist and writer’s central, if deeply contested, role in charting histories of the Renaissance. Thematic panels, special presentations, and a roundtable discussion will allow participants to consider Vasari and his legacy both in depth and across disciplinary boundaries. What is Vasari’s place in the humanities today, and how might the study of this figure illuminate our own world as well as that of Renaissance Italy? Vasari/500 aims, then, to be both tribute and re-evaluation; both reflection and prescription.


All events will take place, unless otherwise indicated, in Harvard University’s Arthur M. Sackler Museum Auditorium, 485 Broadway, Cambridge, Massachusetts.



Thursday, October 27

6:00pm Vasari/500 and Harvard Art Museums Plenary Lecture.

Alessandro Nova, (Director, Kunshistorisches Institut in Florenz/Max-Planck-Institut), "Vasari and the Portrait: Functions and Tensions".


Friday, October 28

9:00am Welcoming addresses, Thomas B. F. Cummins, (Chair, History of Art and Architecture, Harvard University), Giuseppe Pastorelli, (Console Generale d’Italia a Boston).


9:10am Introductory remarks : Francesca Borgo, Caitlin Henningsen, Shawon K. Kinew, Daniel Zolli, Organizing committee, Vasari/500


9:30am Vasari/500 Special Lecture

Massimiliano Rossi (Professor, Dipartimento dei Beni delle Arti e della Storia, Università del Salento), "‘... avanti che e’ si venga a la istoria’: Rhetorical structures, compositional models and chronological dialectics in the Vite (from the Sistine Chapel to the Studiolo)".


10:45am Tea and coffee


11:00am Social Networks (Moderator :  Jonathan K. Nelson)

Anne E. Proctor, (PhD candidate, University of Texas at Austin), "Vasari, Danti, and Sforza Almeni: Clientage and Brokerage at the Medici Court".


Elizabeth Merrill, (PhD candidate, University of Virginia),"Tracing Francesco di Giorgio in Vasari’s Lives".


Jonathan K. Nelson, (Assistant Director for Programs, Villa I Tatti, The Harvard University Center for Italian Renaissance Studies), "A Beautiful Mind : Vasari’s Life of Botticelli".


12:30pm Lunch recess


2:00pm Panel II (Moderator: Frank Fehrenbach)

Frank Fehrenbach, Professor, History of Art and Architecture, Harvard University, "Soft Transgressions: Vasari on 'vivacità'".


Jana Graul, (PhD candidate, Istituto Nazionale di Studi sul Rinascimento and Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz / Max-Planck-Institut), "‘Particolare Vizio de’ Professori di Queste Nostre Arti’: On the Concept of Envy in Vasari’s Vite".


Dr. Steven Stowell, (Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Toronto), "The Spiritual Meanings of Architecture in Giorgio Vasari’s Writings".


3:30pm Tea and coffee


3:45pm Vasari/500 Special Presentation

Kimberly Schenck, Dr. John Delaney and John Witty III, (The National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.), "The Washington Page from Vasari’s Libro de’ Disegni as Composite Object".


5:00pm Recess


6:00pm Vasari/500 Special Lecture

Carmen Bambach, (Curator of Drawings and Prints, The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Andrew W. Mellon Professor, The National Gallery of Art - Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts, 2010-2012), "Vasari’s Michelangelo: Constructing the Biography of a Divine Draughtsman".


Saturday, October 29

9:00am Vasari’s Inheritance (Moderator : Kristin Philips-Court)

Dr. Anna Swartwood House, (Dalhousie University) , "Vasari on Technique: The Case of Antonello da Messina".


Marjolijn Bol, (PhD candidate, University of Utrecht), "The Varnish of Apelles and the Oil of Jan: Vasari's invention of a new paint medium".


Kristin Philips-Court, (Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison), Title forthcoming.


10:30am Tea and coffee


10:45am Panel IV (Moderator : Alina Payne)


Dr. Edward H. Wouk, (Chester Dale Post-Doctoral Fellow 2011-2012, Department of Prints and Drawings, the Metropolitan Museum of Art), "‘Con leggiere detti vostri scritto n’ho imparato quel poco …’: Lampsonius’s Reading of Vasari’s Vite".


Diletta Gamberini, (PhD candidate, Università degli Studi di Firenze), "‘Impiastrator presuntuoso’: Cellini’s caustic condemnation of Giorgio Vasari".


Alina Payne, (Professor, History of Art and Architecture, Harvard University),Title forthcoming.


12:15pm Lunch recess


2:00pm After Lives (Moderator: Joseph Connors)

Shawon K. Kinew, (PhD candidate, Harvard University), "‘Come se stati fossero di pasta’: Sculptural Morbidezza and Style".


Michael Trevor Coughlin, (PhD candidate, University of British Columbia), "The Rhetoric of Truth: The Metaphorical Function of Acutezza in Venetian Art Criticism".


Dr. Margherita Melani, (Università degli Studi di Siena), "Ferdinando Leopoldo del Migliore: an unknown biographer".


3:30pm Tea and coffee


3:45pm Roundtable discussion, moderated by Elizabeth Cropper, (Dean, The National Gallery of Art - Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts).


5:15pm Tea and coffee


5:30pm Vasari/500 Special Lecture

Philip Sohm, (University Professor, Department of Art, University of Toronto),"Vasari's sensory worlds in life and art".


6:45pm Closing remarks. Organizing committee, Vasari/500.


7:00pm Closing reception

Hosted by Villa I Tatti, The Harvard University Center for Italian Renaissance Studies, Arthur M. Sackler Museum Lobby



Arthur M. Sackler Museum Auditorium

485 Broadway, Cambridge, MA

Vasari/500 is free and open to the public.


More informations, here.

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